Echo Hydro

EcoHydro Solutions (EHS) is a stand alone subsidiary of a group of companies, provides services in the field of water treatment, emission reduction, engineering support and technology transfer, as well as looking into any arising opportunities in the area of total environmental solutions, treatment, operations and monitoring services.

Its main focus is protection of the environment, 

EcoHydro is involved in all types environmental projects related to the oil and gas industry. With the expected expansion of oil and gas business, EHS Board of Directors had decided to expand rapidly. EHS will be a charter to provide specialty environmental services for oil and gas sectors around the world.
The aggressive expansion in the industry in general and specially in the Oil and Gas sector will result in a challenge to the all countries to keep up with environmental regulations. Therefore from the start stage, We have focused in providing product, services and support to GCC. We are providing products/services mainly in Saudi Arabia with technology from Norway, USA and now Canada.

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