Lime Scale Remover

Cleansing fluid for removal of lime, magnetite, oxides (corrosion), humus, salt and other contamination. The product is used in piping systems, vacuum systems, heat exchangers or dip-tray. The product has the same effect as acid washing on stainless material. Kills bacteria and Legionella in water systems. The product is environmentally friendly and does not affect other material than specified. After treatment rinse the system with water until it has regained normal pH value. The finished surfaces can be painted as usual.

The powerful botanical formulation removes limescalerustbarnacles and crustacea from virtually any surfacewithout damaging or corroding the surface material.

Applications include; heat exchangersboilers and condensers, pipes and valves, engine cooling systems, marine pumps, chillers, marine surfaces.

It is a powerful cleaning system without damaging hard surfacesseals rubbersequipments and pipework systems, it can be used to remove limescale from equipment without dismantling, this saves on shut-down time, loss of production and costs.