Waste-water is not a problem anymore. It is a valuable asset.

BioKube manufactures systems for wastewater treatment. BioKube’s efficient decentral treatment maintains local Water resources at a minimum of cost and energy spending.

The main products and markets are

a) Single house systems

b) Systems for small cities, hotels and resorts

c) Movable systems for mining industries, oil and gas industries, soil exploration etc.

d) Systems for Agricultural production facilities like diaries, abattoirs and vegetable factories

Standard pre-fabricated wastewater systems are delivered to the end-user ready for installation. BioKube wastewater systems are internationally certified to treat wastewater according to the highest standards. The technology is easily adapted to fulfill any local cleaning requirements and standards.

BioKube wastewater systems require very little service and maintenance while still retaining the ability to continously clean the incoming wastewater according to the required specific local demands.

BioKube wastewater systems combine the advantage of centralized production of high quality standard systems with the use of cost-competitive local Labour to install and service the wastewater systems.