Very often we neglect the fact that Indoor environment is full of infectious pathogens, living and flourishing in it, and contributing to the unstable infection rates and respiratory distress. 

The main causal agent allowing this to happen is a contaminated Air-Conditioning system that is usually overlooked in the normal environmental assessment process. Saudi Ajwaa Environmental Technologies Est. offers a unique natural solution to this problem in the form of Path-Away liquid 

Path-away is all natural, multi-purpose sanitizer, 100% plant based with no added chemicals, drugs or alcohol. Path-Away odorless formula is developed in USA and cleanses, sanitizes indoor spaces destroying over 130 pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeast).

With Path-Away we can:

• Solve your Indoor air problems.

• Control E-Z-Breather group airborne mold and fungal spores, bacteria and viruses.

• Eliminate odors caused by mold and fungi.

• Control fungal that cause Chronic Sinusitis. • Provide safe health air for your entire family.

• Create an Allergy Free – Pathogen Free environment in closed spaces, creating a safer, pleasant & healthy environment.

• Conduct indoor air analysis and laboratory test to be assess your indoor air quality.

• Utilize Path-Away as a safe and friendly disinfectant on hard and porous surfaces as well as in the air you breathe.

The most common applications of Path-Away are in the following fields: PicMonkey Collage Agriculture – protects crop fungi, bacteria and yeast. Increases yield and extend after harvest life. Automotive Industry – a few sprays in air conditioning vents and on your carpets will protect you and ensure a healthy driving experience.

Carpentry and Fabrics – a non-staining, non-bleaching, alcohol free solution to maintaining healthy and vibrant colors and textures, while addressing the issues of fungi and bacteria that grow in and on carpets and fabric.

Cosmetics & Skin-Care – protects from acne, red foot, dermatitis, diaper rash, athlete’s foot, etc…

As disinfectant – in residential, hospital and commercial environments. Hospitality industry – used to disinfect HVAC systems, bathrooms, tile flooring, furniture and fixtures.

Path-Away has as its sole purpose the identification and quantification of chemical, bacteriological, biological and viral pathogens affecting your business and providing cutting edge “organic” solutions.

The company’s expertise spans market segments including Infection Control, Crop Control, Textile Contamination Control, Poultry and Livestock and Equine Contamination Control and keeping commercial, residential, industrial and institutional occupied structures pathogen free for safe habitation through Clean Air Control.